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Non-Asbestos Gland Packings


PTFE Packing Dispersion
  • Construction: Excellent tensile strength yarn made from a special grade of PTFE, &impregnated with PTFE dispersion

Technical Parameters:

  • Temperature: -200oC to +260oC
  • pH Range: 0-14
  • Pressure: 100 Kg/Cm2
  • Velocity: 5 Meters / Second


  • Absence of oil, so recommended in areas where there is danger of combustion. Used in pumps & valves having low shaft speed. Recommended in equipment handling hazardous & corrosive chemicals. Fast & simple to install with minimum maintenance requirements. PTFE packing has particular characteristics such as low coefficient of friction, high chemical resistance and excellent tightness, making it suitable for static, rotary & reciprocating applications.
  • RUBBER CORE PTFE PACKINGS WITH PTFE DISPERSION: PTFE packing can be made available with silicon / rubber solid or hollow core. A specially developed teflon packing for use on rotating equipments with excessive shaft deviation. We are manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of ptfe packing and dispersion in Mumbai India to all over the world. It also reduces shaft / sleeve wear. The center of silicon core / cord gives it strong restoration properties and exerts back-pressure, resulting in total sealing. Teflon packing is suitable for pumps, reactors, mixers, agitators, etc.
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