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Non-Asbestos Gland Packings


PTFE Valve Seal
  • Construction: Ptfe valve Seal is provided with double construction of 100% PTFE core with spiral wrapping of PTFE tape.

Technical Parameters:

  • Temperature: -100oC to +260oC
  • pH Range: 0-14
  • Pressure: 200 Kg/Cm2
  • APPLICATIONS: The core fills all voids and confirms to uneven spindles and flanges while the spiral wrapping of PTFE Tape prevents extrusion at both ends of the spindle. Our teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of ptfe valve seal in Mumbai, India to all over the world. Teflon valve seals are widely recommended for use on valves in various industries for obtaining practically zero Leakage. Can also be used in place of gaskets in flanged joint.
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